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We have spent years building a team of coaches with the expertise in concurrent training for strength and endurance. We offer general strength and endurance training or can combine any sports that you’re interested in.


Want to take your training to the next level? Or just want to improve your nutrition without the training component?

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our nutrition experts will work with directly with you to develop a sustainable program that will get you the results you’re looking for!


We offer customized programming for any sport for any level of athlete or fitness guru.


We offer customized nutrition plans on an ongoing basis or in a one-off template format specifically for your goals.


Interested in CHP programming for your gym? Contact us about affiliate deals for customized programming.


Contact us for details about discounted corporate rates and offerings. We can offer a customized plan.


Want to offer customized programming to large groups. Contact us directly for more details and offers.


We offer in-person seminars on all hybrid training topics. Contact us for discuss details or to schedule a date.


The best part of CHP is the amazing coaches we’ve brought together. We have put together an incredible team of coaches with significant expertise in all areas of strength and endurance coaching. Each one of our coaches can offer a comprehensive training program that will allow you to meet all of your goals.



Downhill running, part 2

  In our first advent of the psychology of downhill running, we discussed the idea that “actions” come first and your “feelings” of confidence come second (or later, once you’ve mastered the basic movements.) Taking a psychology-based approach to improving your downhill running, I suggested that athletes: Identify the necessary

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5 Overlooked Exercises for your OCR Training

For as long as burpees have been a popular penalty for obstacle failure, they have been a tried and true staple of OCR training, but there are other great exercises out there that are worth incorporating into every OCR athlete’s training program. Whether you’re training for your first Spartan Sprint

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The completely (un)official CHP RPE scale for endurance training

Here at Complete Human Performance, we aim to provide the most cutting edge, scientific, yet immediately applicable and practical information to our athletes and followers.  The following RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale for endurance activities may prove useful to yourself or your colleagues: 1/10: This doesn’t feel like exercise

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